Land Reform in Developing Countries: Property Rights and Property Wrongs by Michael Lipton (2009) (link to wikipedia page about the book)
* Routledge webpage for the book, includes ordering info and the price of the Hardback and Paperback versions (and link to ebook version)
* Find the review of this book by Albert Berry here: The Case for Redistributional Land Reform in Developing Countries [from Development and Change 42(2): 637–648].
* A book review by Andrew Dorward here [from the Journal of Agricultural Economics].
* A review by Joe Hill here [from South Asian Water Studies 2(3)]
* A review by Mark L Wahlqvist here [from Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2009 18 (4): 703]
* A review by Amy Ickowitz [from The Journal of Peasant Studies 2011 38(1): 193–207

See also Land Reform in Developing Countries: contents, reviews, how to get it.

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